Lego Compatible AdhesiveTape From $11US

Lego Compatible AdhesiveTape From $11US

Ok. I may have said it before but this time I really mean it. This is the coolest thing ever. Nimuno Loops is flexible adhesive tape that is compatible with Lego. Want. Want. Want.

Nimuno Loops lets your little one build their Lego structures on curved surfaces, around corners and onto unexpected objects like other toys, glasses, shoes, cellphones and bicycles. The tape can be cut, bent, moved and is able to be moved and repositioned multiple times.

Nimuno Loops are a crowd-funded project available through Indiegogo. The Lego compatible tape has raised more than $12,500USD far surpassing the $8,000USD funding goal.

You can get Nimuno Loops by funding the campaign. There are many color and size options available. You can get two rolls (2m total length) for $11USD plus shipping or $50USD for 10 rolls (10m). And great news. Nimuno Loops will ship to Canada. Nimuno Loops are supposed to ship in July, but be forewarned that crowd-funded products sometimes experience delays.

I cannot wait to grab some Nimuno Loops for my little one me. I am going to put some Lego tape on the arms of my kid's booster seat. I am dreaming of peaceful car rides while my little one builds away with her Lego. And perhaps I will make myself a Lego wine glass for some adult entertainment.


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  • ZinkFollowers

    They raised $783,899 USD...

    • Joelle Z.

      have you seen this stuff? Looks cool!

      • Lori C.

        It's not available just yet :)

      • Jamie D.

        you should get the for the kids lego table