Lego: 50% Off Sale

Lego: 50% Off Sale


I played with lego as a kid, what great stuff. One of the toys of imagination and creation. We got a nice email from Mooser Laurens regarding an online Lego sale, for 50% off!

So, previously Anna and I thought that Lego shipped from the US, and thus Moosers would incur duty charges if they bought online. However, we got this from our informant Mooser Laurens:

Actually, they ship from Canada, and no duties (from personal experience).  Depends on which country you click on.

Thanks! I have a friend who is adult, male and over 40, whose primary hobby is assembling things with Lego. Last I heard he had bought up a whole bunch of Indiana Jones sets. He also was big into the Star Wars sets.

I was looking through the sets and this Quest against Time set looks awesome... regular price is $69.99, now on sale for $34.99!


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  • Kathy
    Thanks! Lots of sale items are already sold out but we got a few Star Wars magnet sets that hubby is collecting.