Left4Dead2 Only $24.99 @ Steam (PC Game)

Left4Dead2 Only $24.99 @ Steam (PC Game)


One of the most fun games of last year is now only $24.99us on Steam to download for the PC - Left4Dead2!

I'm not sure how much this game is in real life shops, but Amazon Canada has it for $55, Best Buy sells it for $60 and Futureshop has Left 4 Dead 2 priced at $60 also.

For those of you who haven't yet played it, it's absolutely great fun! I got it a few weeks ago, and have lost some serious hours to it over the weekends. I have been playing co-op with my partner, which was a bundle of laughs (when we weren't arguing). There were many screams of "YOU ARE LEAVING ME HERE TO DIE,"etc. I've also jumped in to try online play with strangers, but it is very difficult when you are a noobie on that front.

My fave weapon is the ninja sword!

Anyway, if you want some fun zombie killing time, I'd definitely recommend this game, as would the folks who scored it 89/100 on metacritic.


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