Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series Was $142 | Now $60 @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series Was $142 | Now $60 @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)



This may be an 'oldie' but it is most certainly a goodie! Amazon Canada has discounted Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series (37-DVD Set) from $142.34 (retails price was $199.99) down to just $61.49 $59.99 with free shipping.

This collection includes all six seasons and plenty of extra. The episodes have been digitally re-mastered to reduce grain and improve overall image quality. Some of the special features include the pilot episode, cast members recollecting over the sitcom after it ended, an interview with composer Dave Kahn, and more.

I have never seen the series, but my hubby says it was the quintessential 50's family. The series was good clean fun for the entire family with a lesson learned each episode. June Cleaver became the iconic housewife as she cleaned house in a dress and pearls. As this reviewer says:

I was on the fence about ordering this collection, although I always loved watching the show as a kid, as a teen, and as I young adult. Would I laugh and enjoy it today?
Absolutely! I find the show even more important to me today, then back in the day. Still laugh, and now I can watch all those episodes that I never saw. So pleased to have made this purchase. Now I can sit back and enjoy good, wholesome entertainment

I price compared this series with other online retailers. The Complete Leave it to beaver retails for $139.99 at Chapters Indigo Canada. I also found it on sale at Future Shop Canada for $109.99, but it is sold out. The second price comparison I did was on individual seasons. While the first two seasons are steeply discounted, seasons three and up cost $28 each or more so the box set is certainly cheaper.

I love many of the old TV shows, so if you are like me and enjoy the 'good ol' days' then pick up this set. In addition, if you have watched Leave it to Beaver, then feel free to comment with what you think of the show! I would love to hear from you.

As this boxed set costs over $25, the Leave it to Beaver Complete Series will ship for free from Amazon.

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