Laser Printer Was $130 now $80 @ Dell Canada

Laser Printer Was $130 now $80 @ Dell Canada

If you're in the market for a new printer, consider the price on this 1130 laser printer from Dell Canada. It was $129.99 but it's now down to only $79.99, and that's with free shipping too.

The Dell 1130 printer is just a fairly basic mono laser, but would be perfect for home use. I've actually got a very similar looking printer in my home office, though mine is a Samsung. The product reviews from Dell customers for the 1130 seem favourable too, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Have you ever heard of the "footprint" when referring to a printer? It's something I only recently heard of, but it's worth considering. Here's what one of the reviewers state:

The footprint is also fairly small so it fits right on my desk - nice, compact little printer.

The footprint is the amount of surface area that the printer will take up. Some Moosers might have small offices or very little free space, so this could be something to consider when you're making your purchase.

Just make a note that the printing stats they show on the Dell page refer to using a high-yield cartridge. Generally, laser printers don't come with a high-yield cartridge to start with, they would likely come with a "starter" cartridge, as the Dell 1130 laser printer does. The printer states it comes with a toner cartridge that does 700 pages, whereas the standard cartridge does 1500 pages and the high-yield will output 2500 pages. A bit of a difference! Just keep that in mind when you're working out what sort of printer you need and when you will need to buy extra consumables.

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