Large Pizza & 2L Pop For $10 @ Domino's Pizza Canada

Large Pizza & 2L Pop For $10 @ Domino's Pizza Canada

Friday night! Is tonight Pizza Night at your house? If it is then check out this new Domino's Canada offer! For a limited time, you can order online and use the code 4049 to get any large, 2 topping pizza and a 2L Coca-Cola product for just $9.99 for the pair.

This is a perfect deal for a small family, but if you have a larger family you can always get this deal plus another large pizza if you desire. You can get a large pizza with any toppings for $13.99 in addition.

It is just me, my other half and the kiddo tonight - so we will get just the one large pizza. Having a limit of two toppings won't be a problem either because my kiddo only really likes pepperoni and green olives on his pizza. The 2L pop can be any Coca-Cola product that your local Domino's Pizza may have. We normally just get the Coca-Cola but we don't drink much pop so that is our only common ground.

What toppings and pop do you choose?

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