Lap Desks From $15 @ Chapters

Lap Desks From $15 @ Chapters

Wouldn't it be nice to work on your computer - virtually anywhere? I know when I need to get some online work done, I'd love to sit in the back yard while the kids play. I just scored a Lap Desk from Chapters Indigo and you can too. Prices start at $15 with my favourite Lap Desks being $20.

This Black Ibed Lap Deskis going to be the least expensive option at $15 - but the design is just not as fun as the others.

For a nice summer feel, I'd go with the Lap Desk - Surf's Up Good Vibesfor $20 (down from $29.50). Every time you get this one out so you can do some work, you will smile at the cute and colourful text.

I also like the Lap Desk Road Trip Tree Ringswhich is at the regular price of $29.50. This one would look elegant with your interior decor and the tree rings look is definitely a trend right now.

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