Lancome Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Free Gifts, Free Shipping, Etc.

Lancome Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Free Gifts, Free Shipping, Etc.

With Mother's Day coming up soon, it's time to starting looking out for bargain gifts. There are some good Mother's Day gift ideas on, and if you couple that with some of their special promotions, you can grab yourself a good deal.

On the page I linked to above, they've got some fragrance gift sets, which have lovely presentation. They'd make super gifts.

First of all, don't forget to use the Lancome coupon code ESSENTIALS if you spend more than $50, which Krista detailed in this previous post. It will get you a 5 piece deluxe Lancome gift, totally free.

Secondly, you should possibly aim to spend $85 to get free shipping. If you weren't planning on spending that much on mom alone, you could browse round the site and see if there are a few things you'd like to throw in your cart for yourself. My mascara is running low, so I am tempted for one of these spring mascara gift sets for $34.

I always find it terribly difficult to buy for my mom. On Mother's Day and her birthday, I really have to rack my brain to think of a new idea. Last year, I got her a blueberry gardening gift set consisting of some blueberry plants to put in her garden, and also a couple of jars of jam. She loved it, she'd never had a gift like it before. :)

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