Kwikpix Canada: Cheap Digital Photo Printing!

Kwikpix Canada: Cheap Digital Photo Printing!

I've never blogged about this deal at, so I thought I would let you guys know about it. Kwikpix is an online digital photo printing service, based in Canada.Kwikpix

Kwikpix have an excellent introductory offer for new customers, on their 4x6 photo prints. Your first online order will cost $0.05 per print!

Or, if you would like to go for a slightly larger photo, you can get 4x7s for only $0.06 each. You can see the full details in their price listing.

If you want to get an estimate on shipping and handling charges, you can enter the details here. The shipping total cost increased the more digital photos you order, but the cost actually decreased per print.

I recently attended my sister's wedding, and I have been hunting for the best places to print out some digital photos. I took hundreds of photos at the wedding, and most of the other guests were just as snap-happy with their own digital cameras. This means there were literally thousands of photos to choose from. My sister wants to choose the best of the best and get them all printed out for a lovely album. Kwikpix could be just the ticket!

* Excludes Quebec


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  • ines
    I am using kwikpix for the first time and am not very impressed with the time its taking to upload and finish. Its been 6 hours now and its still "cleaning up" of cource it has taken my payment with out a problem. I am only developing 230 pics. this is taking way to long.
    • boogiejet
      Hi, I read your advice after my order and something sound very funny in your comment : the payment is taken after the upload ! I do agree that the upload took a long time, but I had hundreds of high-res photos so I think it's normal. Quality/price ratio was great ! I recommend it !
      • Billco
        Hey, I agree with boogiejet! There's something really weird about your comment ines! Yeah it took a long time for my pictures to upload. But I did pay after the uploading. For me, it's a good service, cheap and effective! So try it for real now!
        • Cindy
          Love the service - love the price - used it twice now. Not unusual upload time at all and fast shipping! Very worth it! And I love the regular sale emails I get and I try to take advantage of them! I wish I could get a referral bonus - I've recommended this to several of my friends who also love kwikpix!
          • henry
            I ordered few times from Kwixpix. The prints quality was good but most of the prints were cropped off edges.
            • Rudie
              I have used this also in the past. Some pictures as mentioned above were printed with cropped out edges. For the price and if you aren't looking for printing professional prints is worth it (especially when they offered the 1st order deal at $.05 for 4x6).
              • Ernest S.
                do I qualify for first time customer?
                • Anna W.
                  Ernest, you'd need to check with Kwikpix!