Kulapix Canada: B1G1 Free Mugs

Kulapix Canada: B1G1 Free Mugs


Kulapix has a great offer on right now, which will make an awesome Christmas gift for two people on your list! Buy one customized mug and get the second free!

Personalized mugs make such a handy and special gift for the people on your list. Most people drink some sort of hot beverage daily, so a mug is usually a must-have. Add to that a photo of you, your children, their grandchildren or even a beloved pet, or car, or chocolate bar (you get the picture) and they'll be reminded daily of those people (or things). Now you can get two people this gift, or get one person two mugs, because one isn't always enough. I'm thinking this would make a very cute anniversary gift where you could put the photo of one on the other's cup and give it both of them. It could even make a nice wedding gift in a basket with a new Tassimo. I could go on and on, but generally, mugs make a nice gift.

They come in three sizes: 11oz. ($14), 15oz. ($17) and 20oz. ($20). You can customize everything down to the theme, font, number of photos and the colours. Make it uniquely yours (or theirs).

Shipping is going to be around $10 for both mugs, and you can buy other things as well in one order. The cost will vary depending on what is in your cart.

(Expiry: 20th October 2013)


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