Kobo Glo HD E-Reader just $85 @ The Source!

Kobo Glo HD E-Reader just $85 @ The Source!


Do you have an e-reader, Moosers? Or do you prefer flipping the pages of a paperback? I'm torn. I love books but I also love the convenience of being able to read in the dark and having all different stories in one place. For my birthday, I was actually given this exact e-reader that is on sale at The Source - the Kobo Glo HD - and it's great! This Kobo is currently $20 off at The Source but there's more! New subscribers to their email newsletter are sent a coupon code for $25off your next $100 purchase. Apply this code to the Kobo Glo HD and pay just $85!

I received my unique coupon code within a few minutes of signing up so there's minimal waiting involved. (Note: be sure to use an email address that has never been signed up for The Source's newsletter; people are reporting that they're only receiving $10 coupons if they use an address that has been registered in the past.)

The Kobo Glo HD itself is a lightweight e-ink reader with a 6" (diagonal) touchscreen, wi-fi and great battery life. I find the size just right for comfortably fitting in your hand, though I now have mine in a case that's a bit bulkier. The HD e-ink is designed to read just like a printes page; the front-lighting reduces eye strain and it's easy to change the brightness as well as the font size and style for easy reading.

If you're in the market for an e-reader this is a fantastic option at a really great price. The lowest price I was able to find elsewhere is $109. Save another 23% at The Source by registering for email updates.

You can have your new e-reader shipped to your local store for free or pay a fairly reasonable $4.99 for standard shipping to your home.

(Expires: 11th February 2016)


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  • louis
    Thanks for the intel. I couldn't resist and finally bought one! :) btw, the shipping is free with this order. They make it confusing on the Source webpage with their 4.99$ standard shipping with it's actually free with this eReader.
    • Brooke W.
      Thanks for letting us know Louis! Glad you were able to finally buy one :)
    • Tani
      My postal code doesn't work from USA. I tried to sign up for newsletter.
      • Megan B.
        Oh no, you're using a Canadian postal code but you're currently in the US? Try playing around with the space and see if that works. Sometimes those forms can be finicky!!