KitchenAid Mail In Rebates & KitchenAid Sale At The Bay

KitchenAid Mail In Rebates & KitchenAid Sale At The Bay

Buy select KitchenAid appliances until 9th October, and get up to $75 per appliance back after mail in rebate! If you buy 3 or more appliances, you'll save an extra $50!

Right now at The Bay, KitchenAid Architect appliances in delicious Candy Apple Red are on sale at The Bay. Those sale prices, together with the mail in rebates, give you some excellent deals! These sale prices are on until 6th October, 2011.

The rebate forms must be received by 1st January, 2012.

Click here to see the complete rebate infoincluding eligible KitchenAid models.

If you spend over $149, you'll also get free shipping until 11th October, 2011.


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  • Avigayil
    Sweet!! But where does it say (couldn't find on the rebate form) how much you get back per appliance? I may be blind! I sooo want the blender.. this might just convince me to get it!
    • Steven
      Someone pinch me! I just purchased a new KitchenAid Mixer, and didn't know anything about this rebate offer. Now I'll get a rebate....wahoo! Thank you!
    • Michaela
      Just beware--they are REALLY picky about giving the rebate. Copy everything you send in and keep the boxes, your receipts and get a photo of you buying the appliance :) It's a long process, so don't leave it to the last minute....
      • Avigayil
        thanks for the advice!
      • Avigayil
        Just picked up the blender in Candy Apple Red Blender... had a $15 savings card for the Bay so used it on top if the sale price. Dropped by the grocery store and picked up some lime margarita mix.. yum yum! Just had my first one! :-D
        • Cathy
          Great to get a rebate.....if you the link you have worked? Where else can opne get a form?
          • Pam
            I actually bought the candy apple red blender today at the bay for $159.99, not $179 as indicated in this post. But it had a sign on top of them, AS WELL AS THEIR WEBSITE that with the rebate it's only $89.99 (after rebate). Check out that link. HOWEVER, even though I saw it IN STORE and ONLINE that with rebate it's only $89.99, I don't see ANYWHERE where it says on Kitchenaid or on the rebate form etc., that there is such a HUGE rebate involved, so is it a typo or what?? not sure, but I took a screen shot of the promo on the Bay's site, so maybe, just maybe they MIGHT honor it. I doubt it though. I did get a $25 gift card for the bay though as they have a promo on when you spend $100 bucks you get $25 gift card. So I'm guessing the blender probably only has a rebate of $20! Maybe they screwed up the ad, because the hand mixer below it is positioned kind of strange, so maybe someone boo boo'd. I'm going to check the flyers too as it might be in there too... if it's the same (as in $89.99) in the flyer, AND online with my screen shot AND IN STORE when i was there (hmmm should have snapped a pic on my phone) then I'm going to argue it. (and I never give up! lol)
            • Pam
              .I just got my Bay flyer in the mail today, and on page 3 (Alberta flyer) it DOES show the same price!! Says $89.99 after mail in rebate "Kitchenaid Architect Blender, reg. $199.99, Sale $159.99, and $89.99 after rebate! So that's in store, online and in the flyer, ALL SAY $89.99