KitchenAid Easy Clean Juicer Was $400 | Only $124 After Discounts & Rebate @ Hudson's Bay *HOT*

KitchenAid Easy Clean Juicer Was $400 | Only $124 After Discounts & Rebate @ Hudson's Bay *HOT*


Hey Moosers - I have a great deal for you! But you are going to have to follow me closely on this one as there are a few steps involved. Hudson's Bay Canada has discounted the KitchenAid Easy Clean Juicer from $399.99 down to $279.99 right now. On top of that, they are offering an extra 10% to 20% off orders of $100 or more. If you pay with an HBC Card - then the discount is 20% off and your KitchenAid Easy Clean Juicer comes down to $223.99. If you pay with any other tender then the juicer will be 10% off - $251.99.

On top of that, KitckenAid Canada is offering a $100 rebate on the KitchenAid Easy Clean Juicer (model KVJ0333) so - after rebate - your juicer comes down to $123.99 when you pay with HBC or $151.99 when you pay with Paypal (plus taxes of course). You will also receive free shipping on your order.

This sounds a bit convoluted so let me break it down a bit further for you. In your cart, the KitchenAid Easy Clean Juicer comes down to $251.99 with any tender. You then have two options:

Option #1: Pay with HBC Card - Total $223.99 before rebate + tax

If you have an HBC Card, then you will receive the highest discount possible. Simply checkout using your HBC Card and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout:


Option #2: Pay with Any Other Currency - total $251.99 before rebate + tax

No matter what currency you choose to pay with, there is an extra 10% off the sale price bringing your KitchenAid juicer down to $251.99:


KitchenAid $100 Rebate on Juicers

There is a $100 rebate offered by KitchenAid on juicers right now. This juicer's model number matches the model number below listed beside the $100 rebate. You do not have to mail in this rebate - you can submit it online.


This rebate is valid for items purchased between November 17th, 2015 and January 7th, 2016. This Kitchenaid Easy Clean Juicer qualifies for this rebate. You will receive $100 back bringing your total cost to:

  • Option #1: Pay with HBC Card - Total $123.99 AFTER rebate + tax
  • Option #2: Pay with Anything Else - Total $151.99 AFTER rebate + tax

In the end, you pay a fraction of the original retail value for this juicer and get a quality juicer at the same time. It is rare for KitchenAid appliances to go on a steep sale, but you will get up to 70% off this juicer following one of these options.

(Expiry: Varies)


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  • Laura
    I noticed this model is originally $100 more, also on sale for $279 then same discounts could be used
    • Laura
      • Laura
        nevermind! read again, and rebate is on the 1 model. sorry! I don't know how to delete my posts
        • Avigayil M.
          The rebate is on both - both models are listed - but this one was out of stock - I couldn't add it to my cart :(
    • Jacki
      I do not get the option of the 20% off for paying with hbc
      • Avigayil M.
        The extra 10 - 20% off deal has expired.