Kitchen Stuff Plus Coupon: Select Items $5 Each

Kitchen Stuff Plus Coupon: Select Items $5 Each


Kitchen Stuff Plus has another interesting promotion on. Select items are only $5 each from the promotional page below with the following coupon code. Max. of two of each item.

Click here to see the items eligible for this promotion

  • Coupon Code: RHD430
  • Discount: up to 2 of each item for $5 each
  • Expiry: 11th May 2014

I picked out the KSP Softsac Laundry Bag with 2 Compartmentswhich is $14.99 and when you apply the coupon the bag comes down to just $5. I rather like soft laundry bags because they collapse easily for storage when there is nothing in them as opposed to the ridged bags, which always take up so much room whether they are full or not.

I also chose the KSP Porter 6-Bottle Spice Rack (Chromewire) that is currently priced at $14.99 and comes down to just $5 with coupon. I am away from home right now for two months and one of the biggest things I miss in the kitchen (besides a pot lid) is my spices. There is nothing that makes pasta sauce taste a little better than adding a little basil and salt. I also like having my spices on hand whenever I need them so this spice rack is a great idea. Also makes a good gift.

You can choose from any two items on the page linked to above. I suggest checking out some of the other deals on the Kitchen Stuff Plus website. Spend $75 to get free shipping.

For this and other Kitchen Stuff Plus coupon codes check out the forum.


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  • Dave
    A couple errors in this: 1) You can buy every item on the flyer for $5.. 2) You can only buy a maximum of two of the same item for the $5 price, but you could, in theory, purchase two of everything and get them all for $5 each. 3) They don't use flat rate shipping. They pay the first X amount and only charge the customer the rest. Depending on the size and weight of the items you purchase it will be more or less, even if under the $75 order tier. Hope this helps. Dave
    • Avigayil M.