Kitchen Solution Everyone Should Have When Prepping Food

Kitchen Solution Everyone Should Have When Prepping Food

How many times have you opened a kitchen drawer to try to shove a plastic shopping bag around it (and close it again to secure the bag) in an attempt to catch potato peels. It works - a bit - at first.

Until you get to your 2nd or 3rd potato and the bag is slipping and you're tripping trying to push the bag back up with your knee while you peel potatoes.

Any food prep such as chopping up onions, green peppers, carrots, jalapeños and other produce will always create 'stuff' you have to throw out frequently or it gets in your way. Peeling potatoes directly over a regular kitchen garbage can seems terribly unsanitary to me.

I loved this little contraption, the Kitchen Cupboard Garbage Bag Storage Rack when I saw it. I'm definitely buying it, especially because it's only $4.25 including shipping. My husband does a lot of food prep when he cooks. He's careful and meticulous in the kitchen but this can make it even more so for him. This would make it easier.

I see that this is a simple frame that a person could try to whip up on their own using 'duct tape, Canadian style' for a frame design for the bag holder.

I wouldn't waste my time doing that though, despite the fact that I love duct tape just as much as the next person here. I like that this bag holder has a set down clamp ring on top that will secure the bag in to hold more. (Make sure to secure it the right way, you can view the pics. in the above link to view the correct way to securing the bag.) I think it would be tricky to replicate that feature with duct tape, to be honest.

You can't go wrong at a price like this, either. You'll be waiting a while for this bag holder to arrive. Probably several weeks, in fact. I don't think this is something a person URGENTLY needs so for now, I might actually duct tape a plastic bag to the counter for a makeshift garbage bag. It won't stay open the right way either, compared to the bag holder, but it will suffice for now.

Shipping is free on this item! Also, I would watch carefully that you don't end up paying anything additional for say, a tracking number or insurance. On something this small, it's an added expense you probably don't need.


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