Mermaid Tail & Shark Blankets for $22.99 @ Costco

Mermaid Tail & Shark Blankets for $22.99

Okay, how cute are these blankets?!

Costco has mermaid tail and shark blankets for the kiddies, and they're only $22.99.

My kids have these blankets, and they love them. Actually, a number of their friends have them as well.

Made of 100% polyester fleece, they're perfect for movie nights, to snuggle up and read, for car rides and trips to the grandparents. I'd scoop a few up for Christmas because these will make great gifts.

Better yet, shipping and handling is included in the price.


  • Wendy D.

    . The shark blanket is cute for Aiden

  • Lisa D.

    would she like this

  • Chantelle S.

    She loves the one she already has lol this is the only thing she has tho that the sequins change with the swipe of the hand.

  • Lisa D.

    haha okay

  • Sarah G.

    I saw it in store. I don't know if he would use it because he has to climb into it

  • Heidi Z.

    for Arianna! Lol

  • Crystal D.

    Yes she’s seen there too! Lol

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