Kid Darts Safety Tip Dart Board $12 @ Mastermind Toys

Whose up for a game of darts??
Kid Darts Safety Tip Dart Board $12 @ Mastermind Toys

Get ready to bring family game night to the next level. I mean, anyone can sit around rolling dice, but it takes a lot of courage for parents to allow their kids to aim darts at a small board that's hanging on their walls.

Luckily, the Kid Darts Safety Tip Dart Board from Mastermind Toys offers a way for the whole family to play while protecting the kids, and your walls, from harm.

This particular dart board is exclusive to Mastermind Toys and regularly sells for $24.99 but is now just $12!

I can personally vouche for this board, my son received it for his birthday in January and has yet to injure anyone or cause any damage with it. We've all enjoyed dart night, and even the two-year old gets a try because there is literally nothing to worry about.

You'll get the board, which can be set on a table or hung on a wall, as well as 6 darts that have a special safety-tip to ensure a hole-free wall.

Now, who's up for a game??

Orders of $49 or more will ship for free.


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