Kids' Adirondack Chairs $7.47 @ Toys R Us Canada

Kids' Adirondack Chairs $7.47 @ Toys R Us Canada

If the kids have been asking for chairs of their own – or if you want a way to keep them out of your seat – you'll definitely want to pick a few of these up! Right now, Toys R Us Canada has child-sized Adirondack Chairs on sale for $7.47 each, down from $9.99!

Just picture how cute these would look on the patio and how great they'll be for sitting around a campfire!

They're available in three colours and two different designs:

Since these chairs are plastic, they're easy to clean and wipe down. I really love that they're lighter than wooden Adirondack Chairs, since that means the kiddos can carry them for themselves!

Even better, they're stackable, which means easier winter storage if you have more than one.

Shipping is free on orders over $49.


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