Kellogg's Fun Pak $1.99 @ Amazon

The way to get kids to eat breakfast
Kellogg's Fun Pak $1.99 @ Amazon

My kids really annoy me in the morning. Why? Well, they all want different cereals and expect me to stand whilst they deliberate. Not with a Kellogg's Fun Pak though. That's why I'm stocking up whilst Amazon have them for $1.99.

Kellogg's Fun Pak

The Kellogg's Fun Pak contains 8 mini boxes of cereal in total: 2 Froot Loops, 2 Rice Crispies, 2 Corn Pops and 2 Frosted Flakes.

Normally, you'd expect to pay over $4 for these, so you literally cannot go wrong at this price. Grab a few then the kids can't fight over who gets what as there will be plenty of all varieties.

Also handy for snacks on the go - they are handbag size after all!

These will sell out at this price so we highly recommend grabbing them now, or you'll miss out.


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