Keep the Kids Cool with Wet Head Water Roulette $25 @ Toys R Us

Keep the Kids Cool with Wet Head Water Roulette $25 @ Toys R Us

If you're searching for fun and unique ways to keep cool this summer, you have to check out Wet Head Water Roulette! I had never heard of it but, as soon as I did, I knew I had to hunt it down and share it. Pie Face is so last season! (Just kidding, Pie Face is amazing.)

Wet Head is a water roulette game for two or more people. You simply fill the tank with water, strap the hat on (a hat that will fit kids and adults so don't think you're getting out of this one!), spin the spinner and follow the instructions. You may need to spin the pins and pull once or twice or maybe get lucky and skip your turn. One of the pins is the 'trigger' that will release the tank of water--all over someone's head!

There are even more ways to play aside from using the spinner. You can ask each other trivia questions, play a truth or dare type game or design your own challenges. There's even an app to download with a built-in spinner, trivia questions and a function to record that moment when you get soaked!

I found Wet Head available at a few places but Toys R Us will ship it for free! They're offering a $10 shipping credit on the game but delivery is just $9.98 so it ends up being completely free of charge.

Have you ever played Wet Head? How much fun is it?!


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