Keep The Kids Amused With These Crayola Sets @ Amazon Canada

Many items under $10!
Keep The Kids Amused With These Crayola Sets @ Amazon Canada

Children fed up of schoolwork? Art is always fun, and it's educational too. It's something that's not just for the kids, but you can use it to unwind also. There are some great prices on Crayola items over on Amazon Canada, so it's worth stocking up, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

Amazon Canada Crayola

Crayola items are selling like heck on Amazon Canada and we are not at all surprised. They are one of the best, yet affordable brands of art supplies. Plus, who isn't needing something to do to pass the time?

These Crayola My First Touch Lights* are flying off Amazon Canada's shelves and it's because you can make some freakin' awesome pictures with them without any mess. If you've got a little one, then these are brilliant.

Crayola 12-Count Sidewalk Chalk* is fun for the kids to get creative outdoors - whether it's writing out math sums or drawing cool pictures. Snap it up for only $14.40.

Crayola Crazy Scents

Crayola sell scented crayons and marker pens that kids go daft for. Unlike most others on the market, these aren't all nice fragrances, some are real yukky. That's why children want them - they have that gross factor. Amazon have some great price on the Crayola Crazy range.

These Crayola Stinky Scents Washable Broadline Markers* are just $3 (add-on) and contain 8 STINKY scented marker pens. The twelve pack of Crayola Silly Scents Mini Twistables Crayons* are just $5.99 (add-on) too.

Add on items Amazon Canada

Wondering what an add on item is? It's something low cost that's sold directly by Amazon Canada. It'll be clearly marked as an add on item, and may only be purchased when part of an order totaling $25 or more.

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  • Roxanne B.

    My kids love these :joy: But maybe the stinky sock one got lost.... oupsy :shrug_tone2:‍♀️:joy: