Joysticks For Gaming On Your Phones / Tablets: $3.70 @ DealExtreme!

Joysticks For Gaming On Your Phones / Tablets: $3.70 @ DealExtreme!

This deal is for those of you with tablets or smart phones, and are also partial to a little bit of gaming, particularly first person shooters and the like. You can get these game controllers which stick to your device, giving you better control over the action in your games. They joysticks are only $3.70 each, that's with free Canadian shipping too.

The price shown is for one single controller. If you want dual joysticks for your device (like the larger iPad), then just buy 2 controllers for $3.70 each.

Here's a video on Youtube showing you similar controllers in action on the iPad, they're the branded controllers known as the Fling Joystick. The video shows you how good they can be.  I've played a few games on the iPad with which I think these controllers would work really well, such as Infinity Blade and Rage.  I reckon the controllers would be good for driving games too, though I'm not as partial to those.

I've posted about Deal Extreme on here a few times. They're a Hong Kong based company that ship worldwide for free. They've got excellent deals on little gadgets like this, but be prepared for slow shipping, that's the only drawback.

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