Joe Fresh Beauty: Save On Cosmetics!

Joe Fresh Beauty: Save On Cosmetics!

I spotted this blog post over on, and I thought it was worth sharing the info with my Bargainmoose readers too.

Joe Fresh Canada have just launched a new cosmetics line for the budget-conscious – that’s us! The range is titled “Joe Fresh Beauty” and is available at over 250 stores Canada wide. Here’s a bit of a description:

“In keeping with our popular fashion line, Joe Fresh Beauty offers a range of stylish, well-priced cosmetics, so that you can step effortlessly from day to night with colour palettes that cover the basics and reflect the hottest trends.”

Sounds good to me! I’m taking a quick look at their products online. Looking at their eye make-up, some of the color ranges in the eyeshadows look pretty nice! I quite like the blue range pictured below. It is only $6! They have lovely lippies and lip gloss for $6 as well. There are a load of accessories too, from nail clippers to make-up brushes. They don’t show the prices on the website though, so these may vary. I can’t see them being more than a few dollars though, as that is the theme of the range.

Now, I don’t know how well these budget buys would compare to the likes of Lancome or Dior… but at these prices, I reckon they’re worth a try.


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