Izod Men's Jackets $44.99 @ Beyond The Rack

Izod Men's Jackets $44.99 @ Beyond The Rack

There are a lot of golfers in my life and they all swear by Izod apparel for both style and durability. I own a fair bit myself but unfortunately, it hasn't helped my game at all!

These jackets typically range anywhere from $190 to $220. They're an amazing price from $44.99-$54.99 at Beyond The Rack, whether you're golfing or just running around with errands or in the yard.

They are super lightweight and pack really well in a golf bag and for traveling.

My 2 favourites from the sale are:

To ensure you stay dry, the Rainslicker Jacket on sale for $54.99 is a great option, without looking like a traditional raincoat.


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