iTunes Canada: BBC Sherlock Price Drop - Now $10.99 to $14.99 a Season

iTunes Canada: BBC Sherlock Price Drop - Now $10.99 to $14.99 a Season

iTunes Canada has reduced the price for the BBC Sherlock Seasons 1 and Seasons 2. Previously they were $19.99 for the HD seasons, and they are now only $14.99 each. That is a 25% price drop. The Non-HD Seasons have also dropped in price down to $10.99 each.

iTunes has the best price by far for these seasons. If you price compare with Amazon Canada you will see a major difference. Sherlock Season 1 is $24.99 on Amazon Canada for the regular, and Season 2 is $29.99. Those are just for the regular seasons, not the blu-ray.

Lets compare:

  • Both season of Sherlock (non-HD) from iTunes: $21.98
  • Both seasons of Sherlock (not Blu-Ray) from Amazon Canada: $54.98

As you can see, iTunes certainly has the best deal.

I absolutely love this series, it is my absolute favourite! I got both my seasons on iTunes and just backed up to my external hard drive. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait for this deal, and bought them at their previous full price! I am a 'Sherlockian' and love the way John and Sherlock are represented in this version. Though, I always pictured Moriarty a little older, and taller.

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  • Anna W.
    I love this show! It's soooo good. I was disappointed to get to the end of the second season though, I wanted more! MOAR!
    • lostjuan
      I found the first season to be the winner. Still a great show especially in HD