iTunes: 20 eBooks for $0.99 Each

iTunes: 20 eBooks for $0.99 Each

A great source for ebooks is the iTunes ebook store! In their recent mail out they mentioned a fabulous deal on 20 cool ebooks: only $0.99 each!

I read up on a few titles and though some of the books have some promise. The book 'It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Me' sounds like the type of book I could use! For those of us who see the glass as half empty it is a humorous look at how despite how bad things are, they could be worse! Stretch, The Making of a Yoga Dude also sounds like a cool read.

I had a bit of trouble with the link, so if the page doesn't open properly just refresh the address and it should hop right to it. It worked for me. :-)


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