20% Off ITC Sportbet + Free Font With Purchase 20% Off ITC Sportbet + Free Font With Purchase is a go-to place to buy fonts you may need for work, artistic/graphical projects, websites and various other endeavours. Sure you could use Comic Sans (you really shouldn't) but is a fantastic place to pick up professional fonts. Every month the have a 'font of the month' which you can save $$ on. This month you can get 20% off ITC Sportbet and on any font purchase you will get the opentype version of Equinox for free.

So Sportbet is on sale from $66, down to $52.80 (license for 5 users) and you will get Equinox, (also 5 users) worth $36 for free. You can check out sample of both the fonts through those links.

If you are looking for a light way to spruce up your projects, your office is looking to invest in some new fonts, or you just want something spectacular for your website... check this place out. :-)

Sale ends 30th, September 2011.


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