Intex Inflatable Sofa Bed $65.10 @ Amazon Canada

Intex Inflatable Sofa Bed $65.10 @ Amazon Canada

Imagine how perfect this would be for camping? Bed by night, Netflix-watching toddler zone by day. The Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed is on for $65.10 down from $99 today and I am in for two.

If you've ever gone camping, you know this is the next best thing to sliced bread. The kids need time to relax after a day of playing outside, so set them up on this sofa while they watch Paw Patrol on Netflix. After dinner, turn it into a bed for you and the hubby. If you've bought two like I have then you have a bed for the kids too! It ends up being about the size of a queen bed, so make sure you have enough tent space.

I'll even send mine with my kiddo when he sleeps over at his grandparents' house!

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