HOT! $100 Instant Pot 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Lightning Sale @

HOT! $100 Instant Pot 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Lightning Sale @

I swear by our Instant Pot that we bought several months ago. I am looking for one to purchase as a Wedding gift because of that and it looks like I found the right place to purchase one!

You don't just 'want' one of these, you probably could really use one. If this is the one cooking appliance you purchase or the one that you have sitting on your counter top taking up space - this is it. (It actually takes up minimal space.) The price on this 3rd gen Instant Pot IP Lux60 is only $100 right now at and includes free shipping. It will sell out fast! The regular average price on this is around $150, so this is a hot deal.

If you don't yet have an Instant Pot, I'll share some of my excitement with you about it. When you make hard boiled eggs, you will never EVER get little hard sharp pointy shells digging in under your nails when you peel them. We use approx. a cup of water and the rack that was included with the Instant Pot. (Usually a couple of eggs will crack open a bit by the time they are finished cooking, but we cool them down and either eat them right away or make deviled eggs with those ones.)

Instead of standing watch over a pot of boiling water with potatoes and trying the wooden spoon trick over the top of the pot (which only helps a bit but water still boils over), you could be using your Instant Pot. Throw in water and potatoes, then set it to cook. You can use the cooked potatoes for potato salad or mashed potatoes. You can either allow the steam to naturally disperse or you can open the vent and let the steam out if you are in a hurry. The house will not heat up either in the summer when cooking with it. Only when the steam is released would you notice the heat/humidity from the steam. You can't even smell what you are cooking until you release the steam!

Another reason is rice—perfectly cooked! No need to try to grab the rice cooker from inside a cupboard because you will definately keep your Instant Pot out all the time. It is also easy to clean the Instant Pot. (You can wash the inner liner pot by hand.)

Chili Con Carne made in the Instant Pot has a cook time of around 25 min! (The beef should be browned first using the saute function, for better flavor.) The instant pot always takes a little while to heat up, perhaps 15-25 min max., and it depends on how much food/liquid is in the pot to start with, etc. so you never really know when it will start the pressure cooking process but once it does, the timer starts ticking down and you can let your dinner guests know how much 'time to the window', as Gordon Ramsay would say.

The stew you can make in this pot is also excellent. The meat tastes very tender, as though it had slow cooked all day. You can throw the ingredients into the pot and have great stew in only 35-45 min!

We have also tried a pulled BBQ pork recipe that called for root beer and wow, was that ever good. (Guess what we are having for dinner this evening now...?)

Did you know you can also use this small kitchen appliance as a slow cooker as well?

There are so many different features and functions (such as delayed cooking, etc.) on this great kitchen appliance, you should head over to now to read all about it and check out the reviews. This is one appliance you will be absolutely thrilled about purchasing. It is also an appliance that could make a mom, or a special parental figure in your life very happy on Mother's Day!

Shipping is free!

(Deal expiry: May 2, 2016 while supplies last.)


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