iNetVideo Canada: Over 75 DVDs For $5 or Less Each

iNetVideo Canada: Over 75 DVDs For $5 or Less Each

Choose from over 75 DVDs for only $5 each from iNetVideo Canada!

There are a lot of DVDs here from every genre. You have comedy, horror, drama, classics, documentaries and even workout DVDs. Here are a few popular options:

  • W. - Was $10.51 - Save $5.52 - Now $4.99
  • Daybreakers - Was $14.98 - Save $10.99 - Now $3.99
  • Lost in Translation - Was $9.99 - Save $6.99 - Now $3
  • Jillian Michaels - No More Trouble Zones - Was $14.99 - Save $10 - Now $4.99
  • The Dark Knight (Two-Disc Special Edition) - Was $24.98 - Save $19.98 - Now $5

Really there are more than 75 DVDs available for under $5. I think the point of the 75 was that it's 75 DVDs that are normally over $5 that are now under $5. For example I think the two-disc special edition DVD of The Dark Knight Rises for $5 is definitely a sale item. The other ones I listed may all have 'was' prices of over $5 so they might be in this deal too, but I'm not 100% sure. Either way you're getting a good deal!

I know that now DVDs are old and everyone is streaming HD or running Blu-Ray but what about your car's DVD player to keep the kids busy or even the old TV-DVD combo you have at your cottage or in your RV? It may be going the way of legacy media but there are still tons of uses for DVD movies!

If you get on this deal right now you can get FREE shipping on orders over $44. The FREE shipping deal expires on 30th June 2013 and you can see the details here. Outside of the FREE shipping deal, iNetVideo's shipping policy is $2.75 for one or two items and an additional $1 per item after that.

(Expiry: 11th July 2013)


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