Free Worldwide Shipping! (Plus a 10% Coupon) Free Worldwide Shipping! (Plus a 10% Coupon)


If you’ve got plain and bare walls in your home, there are a few different ways to brighten them up and add a bit of your own personality. One way is to paint them, another way is to add art or framed photos, and another is to add decals or stickers. The latter is probably one of the cheapest methods, but can have the most oomph! I’ve discovered a website called ImDecal – they’re a wall decal store based out of China, and they ship worldwide for free!

IM Decal has a great selection of wall decals on their site, and they’re really reasonable prices too. They also offer canvasses and laptop decals. And what’s just a little bit sweeter is that there’s a 10% coupon code for anything that tickles your fancy:

  • Couponcode: 10%OFF
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expires: 31st August 2015

Make sure you don’t go through checkout or you won’t see anywhere to apply this coupon code. You must enter it in your shopping cart, before beginning the checkout process.

From what I can see, prices of the wall decals start at $2.19 for these small switch wall decalsand go upwards in price from that. Some more low cost examples:

The 10% coupon code would apply on top of the prices I've stated there.

Some of the decals that you can order are very detailed. When I find a new site, I usually throw something random in my shopping cart and explore the checkout process for Canadians. I look at things like ease of checking out, security of the site, international shipping. I was throwing this Family Name Vinyl Wall Decal in my cart, and I had to add in all sorts of data such as date of marriage, initials and colour choices.

Price Compare

If you see a wall decal that you like on IM Decal, I’d recommend doing a quick price comparison before you hit the buy button. It’s possible you can get similar from other retailers here in Canada, but the free shipping from IM Decal could really swing the deal on some of these.

Payment Method

The payment method seems to be Paypal only. This is good though, it means there’s an extra guarantee for you via Paypal and if there are any problems, you can raise a dispute with them.

Shipping, Duties, Customs?

As most of us Moosers are aware, placing an order from outside Canada can sometimes incur extra fees. Anything above $20 is liable to be hit by customs, so keep that in mind when ordering. IM Decal don’t charge any of these fees as you go through checkout, so there’s a small chance you may have to pay extra at your door. This is a gamble though!! Depending on the shipping carrier and if you’re lucky, you won’t have to worry about this. IM Decal state this on their customer service page:

As for some countries’ very strict customs, normally we write less than $10 on the shipping label to help our customers avoid tax

They also state Canadian custom orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, so don’t expect a speedy delivery here.

(Expires: Free worldwide shipping is ongoing)


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