Ikea Kitchen Event

Ikea Kitchen Event


The Ikea kitchen event is now on! If you buy a new kitchen from Ikea, they will give you 15% back in free gift cards, to spend on  anything you like.

The Ikea Canada kitchen event also includes appliances, which can really bump up your total price.

I think this is a really great idea - if you spend $2,000 on a kitchen, you're getting $300 to spend on some nice accessories!

I've been in a few Ikeas round the world, and I really love browsing through their kitchens, as it is one of my favourite rooms in the house. I love opening their drawers and finding their excellent space-tidying accessories, or opening the cupboards to find innovative ways to stack your plates!

I've also seen a few red kitchens - it's a dream of mine to own a red kitchen some day. I don't know why, I just love red kitchens!

(Ends 31st October 2010)


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  • Tricia
    I know others will disagree but from my experience, Ikea was a huge hassle to deal with. Spending 3 hours at a time (3 times) waiting for help, putting your specs on the computers (do this way ahead of time if you can), the kitchen came in multiple and unannounced deliveries with no reconciliation of what was delivered and what was left to come. They completely missed delivery of base cabinets because the rep entered the payment information a couple days too late and the system had cancelled that batch YET I was still charged for it. So instead of delivering it, I had to go to the store, PAY for it again and then go back to beg for a refund. The installers could have done it in a day if all parts were there. Countless hours on the phone with reps explaining the same thing over and over. Also, Peg, the company that comes and measures and does the installation...the guy measured, told us to just take the paper to the store and they will help. WRONG. YOU have to create the specs on the computer AND the measurements were incomplete so after 2 hours of waiting for a computer, creating the specs and waiting for help, we were told that we didn't have enough information, go home, finish them and come back.
    • Tricia
      Also, read carefully what is eligible for the gift card. Appliances and countertops, hardware are not eligible. You may spend $3000 but hardly likely all is eligible.
      • Anna
        It doesn't state an exclusions Tricia, it only states that appliances are included. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience though!
      • Kay2
        Tricia, Thank you VERY much for taking the time to post what actually happens when a kitchen is ordered and what CAN happen. I am sure others will really appreciate it as well, especially after you had already spent hours on this problem.
        • Tricia
          Wow, now includes appliances, I don't think we got credit for the range hood that we got. So the current exclusions are, countertops, sinks, faucets, free standing kitchens (Varde line?), delivery and installation and minimum purchase of $1000. And, to be fair, it's a nice looking kitchen and I've been back to Ikea to accessorize it. But, I wouldn't use their kitchen service again. I think the kitchen event causes such a huge volume that it's easy for things to get lost and the dissatisfaction of one customer in a sea of plenty have no importance. I certainly didn't appreciate being told to go Ikea during my lunch hour, ask for a particular person only to hear them cursing over the phone when told of my arrival. I hadn't shown an ounce of the ugly customer to that point but will admit that was a trigger that went against my non-confrontational nature. Good luck to anyone who decides to be a customer and I hope you have a positive experience.
          • Kim
            I've had the most marvelous experience with Ikea. I go to the store when it's not busy, first thing in the morning. They are open at 9 for browsing, 10am for the cashiers. I start early, do my kitchen designing on their computer (LOVE IT!), and never waited long for all the help I inevitably needed. I bought everything: appliances (where else can you get a 5 year warranty on appliances?), cupboards, sink and faucet, lighting. Everything. They had told me that it might take 4 weeks for delivery, but received a call and it was there in 2. I live 100k's from the store, so I thought $160 to deliver was great. The best part was I made my purchase in September. When I saw the kitchen sale event was in October I called them up and they told me to bring in my receipt and I got $1200 in gift cards. I felt like I'd won the lottery. Ikea makes a great product, and they stand behind it. I'd never shopped there before, but I will definitely shop there again, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
            • Sly
              Kim: Could you please comment on the efficiency of the ikea kitchen appliances, do they work well? and did you install them or it was ikea that install? i am planning on buying their appliances.