Ikea Canada Bedroom Event: 15% Off Pax & Komplement Interiors

Ikea Canada Bedroom Event: 15% Off Pax & Komplement Interiors

Ikea Canada is having their amazing bedroom event where you can get 15% off Pax and Komplement interiors for your home.

I have a walk-in closet, but I still dream about Pax wardrobes. I love their easy functionality and how organized your closet can actually be. My walk-in closet is a mass of clothing on hangers and purses thrown on a shelf. With Pax, you can actually organize your t-shirts from your sweaters, your scarves, your jewellery and anything else you want in your closet. The options are seriously endless.

What I love about most large Ikea items is that you can choose every little part of the furniture, from the doors to the shelves to even the knobs and handles.

Do you want shelves in your closet? Well, of course you do and the Pax Shelves are now $17 (was $20), for two shelves.

This Komplement Pants Hanger is an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Was $40, now $34.

This Komplement Chest of Drawers is really cool with a top compartment for organizing jewellery, ties, undergarments or really anything you'd like. Was $140, now $119.

Shipping depends on what you buy, but can be pricey, so it might be beneficial to shop in-store. The upside to shipping is that if you don't live close to an Ikea, you'll save on gas and the hassle of going there by just getting it delivered.

Bargainmoosers, what would your dream closet look like?

(Expiry: 17th June 2013)


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