Husky Coupon


I hate paying for gas. You can barely see it, you can barely smell it, but you have to pay a fortune for it! That's why these kind of coupons are pretty handy - it's a $2 discount on a 25L purchase of gas from Husky, and it's good to the end of this year.

OK, so $2 isn't huge, but if you save $2 every time you put 25L in your car, it really helps in the long run!

Many thanks to Bargainmooser Salima who has emailed me this deal!

(Ends 31st December 2010)


  • Avigayil
    Awesome. My hubby uses these! Ty ty.
  • Peter
    The December 31st expiry date is fantastic. I can print a bunch of these and keep using them until the end of the year. You can also combine it with your CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) card to earn some CAA cash!

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