HS Sweden: Kids Socks Were $10 | Now $5.78 & Free Shipping, No Minimum

HS Sweden: Kids Socks Were $10 | Now $5.78 & Free Shipping, No Minimum


Back to work and back to schoolin just over two weeks. Are you ready? I'm not! I bet you've got the backpacks, the fall jackets, the shoes, but what about the socks??? Do you have the socks???!!! With three active boys, our socks get good use in this house. I have never shopped at HSSweden before, but since they've got free shipping, no minimum on right now (instead of the $50 minimum they usually have), I'm taking a look for my kiddo's new socks and I can replace all those ones with the toes popping through. Yay! The kid's socks are regularly $10, but they are on sale right now for $7. Add the coupon code BargainMoose_HS_Sweden to get an additional 15% off and your total comes to only $5.78.

The styles are seriously cute and I know they will be kid-approved! HS Sweden does ship from the U.S., but because of the free shipping, you can keep your order under $20 to avoid duties. All prices are also listed in Canadian dollars, which is super helpful and with the exchange being what it is right now, you really don't want those nasty surprises on your credit card bill.

Because I actually rarely wear socks, I wondered why this store was so popular, but reading about it, these socks are high-quality (so they won't have heels and toes popping through in the first month) and they definitely have some great looks. From what I've heard, teenagers are all about their socks these days, mixing and matching and these are great to do that with because you can mix but they still match. Ohhhh... the irony.

My favourites:

  • knee high stripe - these have a nautical feel
  • knee high multi - very cute and colourful

It looks like the knee highs are the ones that are $5.78. If you want the regular length socks, those are regularly $12, on sale for $8.40 and come to $6.93 for a 2-pack.

The argyle are super cute and so are the five colour.

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