HS Sweden Canada: Happy Socks Summer Sale

HS Sweden Canada: Happy Socks Summer Sale

OMG Happy Socks is having a sale! Until the end of June when you buy socks, you will get to pick additional socks for free! How many free pairs of socks you get depends upon how many pairs of socks you buy!

You want free socks? Here is how to get them:

  • Buy Two, Pick One Pair For Free
  • Buy Five, Pick Three Pairs For Free + Free Shipping
  • Buy Eight, Pick Eight Pairs For Free + Free Shipping

The last deal is, of course, the best. The discount is automatically applied at checkout, no coupon code is needed. If you put three pairs in your cart, you get an automatic discount of $13. If you put eight pairs in, you get an automatic discount of $39. If you put 16 pairs in your cart you get an automatic discount of $104. If you buy more than 16 items you'll get 50% off your whole cart. Do note that two-packs are treated as individual items.

I really miss my ankle Happy Socks. I use to have three pairs of them but being as they were my favourite, I wore through them first. Ankle socks only cost $12 a pair, but if you buy three pairs you still get $13 off your cart (and the same for the other levels). I am thinking of getting the eight pairs for the price of five pairs of this assortment:

  • Zebra Low Socks
  • Five Colour Low Socks
  • Stripe Low Socks
  • Leopard Low Socks

I would get two of each style. With the buy five get three for free (or $39 off promo) these eight pairs of fantastic socks would only cost $57.

I tried this out on tights by adding just three pairs of tights to my cart, and it doesn't give you one for free but it does give you $13 off.

Get free shipping when you order four pairs or more. Under four pairs the shipping costs $4.

(Expiry: 30th June 2013)


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  • Anna W.
    Got my socks!! My feetsies are very happy :) These are my first Happy SOcks, looking forward to see how they perform.