House of Knives Canada: Henckels TwinSharp Duo $40 (Save $30)

House of Knives Canada: Henckels TwinSharp Duo $40 (Save $30)


House of Knives is offering $30 off the Henckels Twinsharp Duo. Originally $70, it is now on sale for $39.98.

The duo is a huge improvement on the previous model. This one has the sharpening carbide stage and the finishing ceramic stage in separate slots which makes sure you are not removing steel while you are just trying to give your knife a finishing polish.

Henckels is a well known brand and they are the brand of knives I own in my house. Unlike what some people will tell you, a knife is not suppose to keep an edge forever. That is rather unnatural. That is why almost all knife blocks come with sharpeners. However, this is a far superior sharpener and a more foolproof one for those of us who really don't have the expertise to be playing with sharp blades.

I just visited the House of Knives store in Vancouver today and really enjoyed admiring the knives and sharpeners in person. The carbide stage in these sharpening tools looks really cool and the duo really isn't too big but would certainly put a good edge on your knife.

Shipping starts at $10 and is free if you order $99 or more. For something that costs between $25 to $50, shipping would be $14. You can also pick up at your local store for free.

(Expiry: 27th February 2014)


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