House of Knives Canada: 50% Off Scherewerks Sewing Scissors

House of Knives Canada: 50% Off Scherewerks Sewing Scissors


House of Knives is offering 50% off Scherewerks sewing scissors for the little tailor in you.

I am absolutely guilty of using my kitchen scissors to try and trim threads and cut fabric when I should own a decent pair of sewing scissors. Thankfully, a sale like this makes sewing scissors super affordable. These Scherewerks Thread Snips are an excellent basic scissor and perfect for, as the name suggests, trimming loose threads so that your entire shirt hem doesn't start to unravel. Originally $9, they are on sale for $4.50.

The other set I would recommend is the Scherewerks Tailor 2pc Set that you could buy separate but you end up saving more money if you buy them together. Originally $35 for the set, you will pay just $17.50 when they are on sale. The set includes a matching pair of tailor shears and sewing scissors to complete any sewing basket. If you bought these separately, even on sale, you would pay $20 for them so you save an extra $2.50 by buying the set.

Shipping starts at $10 and is free if you order $99 or more. Because shipping is a bit high for such inexpensive little items, I do suggest checking out what else House of Knives has on sale that you might like. Might I recommend the BOGO 50% off sale on Kussi Silicone Water/Heat Proof Gloves? I also highly recommend you pick up at your local store for free. They have stores throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

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