HOT!! 1.18L Tide Detergent for $0.49 & Free Shipping @!

HOT!! 1.18L Tide Detergent for $0.49 & Free Shipping @!

Over on our discount coupons page, Bargainmooser sshaikh has found a super hot deal!You can get a 1.18L bottle of Tide detergent for only $0.49 with free shipping, using this coupon code from!

Click here to order your Tide detergent @ now (Expired)

  • CouponCode: TIDEWELL5
  • Discount: $5 off Tide
  • Expires: 28th May 2012

UPDATE - price now increased to $9.99 on the detergent, making it $4.99 after the coupon code - deal has expired!

When you're going through checkout, use this coupon code on the last page, where it says "Discount Coupon Redemption Code." You'd have to pay by credit card, as the interac option isn't available on such a small order.

Also, I haven't ordered yet as I want to get this post up as fast as possible - the discount is possibly for new accounts only, as many coupons are. If an existing account has success using this coupon code, please let us know in the comments below. UPDATE -works for existing accounts, and it is one per customer.

Great find sshaikh! Sshaikh actually paid $0.55 for his including taxes, it's showing as $0.51 for me. :) Hot diggity!



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  • cindy
    works for existing accounts!
    • Rhonda
      Thank you bargain moose! What a great deal!
      • Cecilia
        wow! Thanks!!
        • marisa
          It says invalid coupon code for me- and I am a new customer. Maybe I will try again, it is quite possible I did something wrong!
          • Stacey
            Works with the HE detergent one as well
            • MLBR
              Can't go wrong
              • Annie
                It worked on exisiting account! Awesome!!!
                • mini
                  I think they just pulled the sale. The coupon code will still work but the price is back at 9.99. I got it just in time.
                  • Stacey
                    Looks like it's not working anymore? It's no longer "on sale" it's back to $9.99
                    • Kaila B.
                      I am so confused...The regular price is $9.99....
                      • Darlene
                        Not sure this deal is there anymore - it says 1.89 L is $9.99 - $5 = $4.99 + tax
                        • shshah
                          gives me an error; it reads: invalid coupon code... :(
                          • Linda
                            I think there was an error on the price, because it shows "$9.99" and the code no longer works.
                            • mini
                              I managed to get a cold water HE before they ended the sale, but I was just about to call a friend and tell her about it. I guess I understand why they pulled the sale but it is a bit frustrating.
                              • Ricky
                                I managed to get some too.
                                • Steve A.
                                  Great job with everyone getting this deal! We are able to coupon stack in BC so I have enough laundry detergent (we don't want to have too much)!
                                  • MLBR