Home Hardware Canada: Buy Online, Ship For Free To Store

Home Hardware Canada: Buy Online, Ship For Free To Store


Home Hardware Canada now allows you to buy items online and have them shipped to your local store free of charge.

This new service started up in June and we consider it an improvement. Sure, it isn't ship to your door service yet, but for the popular hardware store this is certainly a step in the right direction.

There are a few important things to note about this new setup. To see any prices you must enter your postal code and select your local store. Thus, prices may vary by region and from a blogging perspective, it is a pain to blog a deal because we would have to check across different provinces to see if it is the same price. From a customer perspective, this is not a problem at all. You want to know the price of what you can get for your local store.

Not all items are available in all regions and not all items are available to order online. There appears to be a few different categories of items on the Home Hardware website:

  • Available online and in-stores
  • Available in-store only. Contact your home store for availability.
  • Warehouse out of stock. Contact your home store for availability.
  • This product is not available in all areas. Check your local bylaws or ask in-store for details.

The last three all amount to not being able to order the product online. The last one is rather curious, as I found it on some rather powerful air conditioners. I expect city bylaws prevent the use of certain products due to noise level or power consumption.

Despite there being four different levels of availability, I did find many items available to purchase online. I am currently eye-balling this 2 Speed 10" Window Twin Fan for $44.99 with a $1 EHF fee. I prop my fan in the window each night to bring in cool air, but I worry about it falling out. This dedicated window fan would be fantastic. For those curious, EHF stands for Environmental Handling Fee and is put on electronics by some provinces (not all). If you live in British Columbia, then you will most certainly see this small surcharge.

This offer really saves a person time. Instead of going in store just to find out that what you want is out of stock, you can instead order online and just go in for pick up when you know they have your item.

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