Home Depot: Hot Prices on Appliances

Home Depot: Hot Prices on Appliances


I don't really 'watch' the appliance market (that would be boring) but I have to say I was really pleased with myself when I saw the prices coming out of this sale at Home Depot! Like, wow! I don't remember people being able to get a brand new dryer for under $300 or a fridge for under $600 (and not the usual white one either).

So Home Depot is having a nice sale on a bunch of appliance with some pretty good discounts. If one of your big boys has hit the dust lately, you might want to check this out.

For some reason it says you need to call to order. I don't know why you can't order these online... but unfortunately you can't. Just make sure they give you the same price or cheaper). It is weird because it says "shop and buy appliances online."

Sale ends 17th, October 2010.


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