Home Depot Canada: Rubbermaid Big Max Shed Only $600 & Free Shipping (Was $700)

Home Depot Canada: Rubbermaid Big Max Shed Only $600 & Free Shipping (Was $700)

As you get your yard cleaned up and your toys and such put away for winter, are you lacking a space to put them? If you are, consider this Rubbermaid Big Max shed, now $100 off at the Home Depot and has free shipping, which is perfect if you didn't have the room to get it home anyway. Get it for only $599.

After finishing our patio, there is something missing in our yard. That is a shed. Everything is stored in our small garage, which means we can barely walk through it, never mind fit vehicles in it. At first I was opposed to a shed, because it took up valuable room in my small yard, but I think with the right one, that looks good, like this one from Home Depot, it could work.

This shed will give you 271 cubic feet of storage space, with a heavy duty floor and sturdy double wall construction. You can lock it and it is leak-proof, weather resistant and dent resistant. It will also not rust or fade and become an eyesore in your yard.

Inside there are specialized wall anchors so you can customize your storage space, making the most out of the room you have.

One reviewer who was very pleased (out of many other who were as well) said this:

"I'm very pleased with this shed and recommend this product. The Big Max is much better quality than the competing products in this price range. The assembly is a 2 person job and can be completed in an afternoon. Anyone with basic building skills will not have any problems with the assembly. The sky lights in the roof are a nice feature. Shed comes in large box that fits into a pickup truck. We put the shed on 5/8 inch plywood base with 2x4 frame at 12 inch spacing. Attached the shed floor to plywood base using 1/4 inch dia lag bolts. Shed height is great, I'm 6'-4" and have to issues with head clearance. Door opening is large and easly accommodates your storage items. Can't think of any downside to this shed. Great product."

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    Ordered this 2 months ago...still waiting for it :(