Home Depot Canada: 3-Step Ladder For Less Than $8 (In-Store Only)

Home Depot Canada: 3-Step Ladder For Less Than $8 (In-Store Only)


Get a step up with this three-step ladder for only $7.46 at Home Depot Canada!

This is an EasyReach by Gorilla Ladders. Gorilla ladders, you may remember, are the ladders that go from a little step ladder to a full blow extension ladder and everything in between. They are pretty good, but they are expensive and overkill for a lot of people. If you're living in an apartment, you don't need an extension ladder. One thing you do need (even if you have a house) is a step ladder. I, for whatever reason, have never bought one. I'm the goon standing on the chair from a $1000 dining set to paint the walls. Dumb, I know.

Even dumber would be me not getting a three-step ladder for $7.46. I was actually just in Home Depot tonight, so I'm kicking myself for not having seen this earlier. Now, where this is only an in store deal, you might find that it is not in stock or that the price is different based on where you are. I checked all the stores in my local area and a few in Toronto. The price seems to be solid across a lot of locations, and a lot of them have the item in stock.

I couldn't find the exact same stool on sale at another Canadian retailer, but just for the sake of comparison, HomeDepot.com sells similar step-ladders and they cost somewhere in the $25 to $45 range. And, that's in the States where everything is supposed to be cheaper! Not even America can beat BargainMoose!

No shipping, since this is in store only.

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  • Larissa
    Hi there! Is it normal that when I click on the link the stepladder price is $29.88 on the HD website? I realize it's an in store only deal, but thought the price on the website would reflect the deal. Thanks in advance :) L.
    • Shawn M.
      Sale must have ended. Darn, i was going to go pick one of these up. I might still try my local store, just in case.
    • Kim
      Went to 2 stores in Toronto today - sale was not on :(