Home Depot: 20% Off Dremel and Rotozip Tools

Home Depot: 20% Off Dremel and Rotozip Tools


Home Depot is offering a decent 20% off all Dremel and Rotozip tools and accessories. This offer is valid both online and offline.

I don't know much about Rotozip tools, but I like a good Dremel. My Dad is a carpenter and back when I lived at home, if I felt my bedroom needed an additional shelf or an end-table I would draw out what I wanted with measurements (hight, width, depth) and Dad and I would build it. That is how I got introduced to a wonderful thing called a Dremel. Dremels are wonderful for finishing products, like softer wood.

They have this really cool Dremel kit at the Home Depot: Dremel 4000 Rotary Kit. It's usually $129.00 and on sale for $79.20. Has a lot of sweet little attachments and accessories with it. :-)

Oh ya, just a reminder: If you spend $299+ at Home Depot between now and Dec. 15 you get free shipping.

What is your tool story?

Sale ends December 15, 2010.


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