Hidden Coupons (Save.ca, Websaver.ca)

Hidden Coupons (Save.ca, Websaver.ca)


There are a number of online Canadian companies from which you can request grocery coupons, which I am sure many of the Moosers will be familiar with, such as Save.ca and Websaver.ca. But did you know that the coupons that you can easily see on their sites are NOT the only coupons that are available? Sometimes they run special promotions with different brands and offer additional hidden coupons which aren’t easy to find on their sites. But with a little googling and deft coupon-hunting, we’ve pulled together a list of current hidden coupons from these two major Canadian coupon portals. Here we go!

Save.ca Hidden Coupons

As well as all the regular coupons which you can claim on the main page on Save.ca, here are a few of the currently active hidden coupon portals for discounts on specific products.

Some of the above links go to Facebook – it’s part of the process that you might have to “like” certain pages before being able to access the great hidden coupons. Then, you add all the coupons you want to your Save.ca “cart” and they will mail you the free coupons!

Websaver.ca Hidden Coupons

On top of the regular coupons on the Websaver.ca home page, here’s a list of a few additional hidden coupon discounts which you can only get to through these specific links:

In the same fashion as the previous Save.ca coupons, simply select the ones you want from the list above as well as any of the hidden coupons from the Websaver home page, and add them to your cart. Websaver will mail out your free Canadian coupons.

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