Have You Heard of Scott's Cheap Flights?

Have You Heard of Scott's Cheap Flights?

Scott is my favourite guy right now. We just discovered Scott's Cheap Flights - and what a phenomenal way to travel without spending your entire savings. You can head over to ScottsCheapFlights.com and enter your email to get cheap international flight alerts - you could save hundreds of dollars per ticket!

I am not one to just get up and travel, trust me. With a toddler it can be quite difficult... but I have always wanted to. Scott searches for the cheap flights, and he has posted some of his previous deals on the site. You can see that tickets were available from Toronto to London for $327 (wow!) and even Vancouver to Hong Kong for $542. With prices like that, I would happily find a baby sitter and pack my bags.

I signed up to receive notifications about these flights, and I felt generally welcomed by his email. At the bottom he mentioned hitting reply if I had booked something, because he was excited about the travels. The general feel I get from this website is quite welcoming, and I can't wait for Scott to find a cheap flight for my family and I.

This website is great for students who want to travel but are on a budget, newly weds who want to head out on a honeymoon, families who wouldn't necessarily be able to afford 5 tickets normally, knocking off some of those bucket list items, and even companies who send their employees to travel for work. I really do suggest signing up for the newsletter - even just to get a feel for the site and see what travel deals head your way.

Thanks Scott!


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