This Hatley Rain Gear Changes Colour When Wet

This Hatley Rain Gear Changes Colour When Wet

Splashing through puddles is already pretty fun ... but what if you could add a little magic to the mix? The latest kids' rain gear from Hatley does just that. Get it wet, and the patterns change colour!

So far, the colour-changing collection includes rain jackets, splash pants and umbrellas in a few different patterns.

You can choose between Monster Trucks (blue) or Unicorns (pink). There's also a pair of splash pants in the same pink but a Hearts pattern, so you can mix and match.

Prices start at $20, for the Colour-Changing Monster Trucks Umbrella. Since everything is a new arrivals, all pieces are still full-price – but we'll let you know right here if and when they go on sale.

We've also seen a few other patterns available in different countries, so fingers crossed that those ones will make their way over to Canada sometime soon, too!

Orders over $75 ship free.


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