Hatley Canada: 50% Off Christmas Ornaments - Only $4.50 & Free Shipping

Hatley Canada: 50% Off Christmas Ornaments - Only $4.50 & Free Shipping


There is no time like the present to start your Christmas shopping. Hatley Canada has a selection of fun animal-themed Christmas tree ornaments for you to add to your collection. Originally $8.99 each, they are now all on sale for $4.50 each.

There are some moose-t have ornaments like this Angel Moose Christmas Ornament on sale from $8.99 down to $4.50. Who can resist this angelic little Moose flying through the night to bring you the good deals resting under your Christmas tree? The discounted price will show at checkout even if it does not show on the product page. 

There are a couple primary series of ornaments: the angels and the carollers. The moose above is part of the angel series and you can pick up these other angel ornaments as well:

There is also a series of carollers so you can stick to one theme on your tree or mix and match. Check out the Caroling Dog Christmas Ornament and the Bear Caroling Christmas Ornament.

Now, my favourite ornaments would be the angel moose i mentioned above and this Cocoa Cat Christmas Ornament. The cat is wearing one of those ugly Christmas sweaters and has a cup of hot chocolate in one paw. I adore this ornament and this my cat will totally be like that come winter (minus the chocolate).

There are some other really cute ornaments too. If your dog loves the holiday season because of how many treats he/she gets, then pick up this Dog Hug Christmas Ornament for your tree.

the Bear Santa Christmas Ornament is just hilarious because of the expression in his face. It is like someone decided to hold up Santa and steal all his toys. Or maybe he forgot the toys at the North Pole. Either way, this is such a great ornament for your Christmas tree. This is one of the ornaments that do not show up as discounted on the product page, but it drops in price in your cart.


You can see above that the ornament has been discounted and that every order - no matter how small - receives free shipping right now at Hatley Canada! This is a great time to pick up some new ornaments before Christmas.

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