Who Will You Hatch? Hatchimals Mystery in Stock

Who Will You Hatch? Hatchimals Mystery in Stock

If you thought you could escape another Hatchimals craze this Christmas, think again. The latest addition to the Hatchimals family just arrived in Canada, and I predict they'll be one of the top surprise toys this year.

They're called Hatchimals Mystery – and the creature inside is a total surprise!

So what makes the Hatchimals Mystery eggs different from all the other Hatchimals toys?

To start, this is the FIRST time in Hatchimals history that who you hatch is a complete surprise. Each egg has the potential to hold one of four friends: Bunwee, Pandor, Hedgyhen or Elefly.

These new Hatchimals are super soft and fluffy, which means they love snuggles and cuddles! You and your kids can raise the Hatchimals as they "grow" from babies to toddlers – and you can even teach them to learn your name and use it when you chat and play together.

They're available almost anywhere you can buy toys in Canada. If you want to save a few cents, the best price is at Chapters Indigo (where they cost $79.95). Otherwise, you can find them for $79.97 at Walmart Canada and for $79.99 at Best Buy Canada, Toys R Us Canada and Mastermind Toys.


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