Hatchimals From $36.89 @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

Hatchimals From $36.89 @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

WOWZA! Here's your chance to get a Hatchimal - and what a price! Right now Amazon has Hatchimals on sale from $36.89 and these are going to sell out FAST.

These sold out - but there are still some on sale for $60.32!

If you're still wanting to jump on the Hatchimals band wagon, then here is your chance! Right now Amazon Canada has Hatchimals on sale for $36.89down from $84.99. Shipping and handling will be included as well.

We know this was the hottest toy on the market around Christmas time - and many of you were not able to grab one. Now you can grab one and get it for a great price, too!

I personally like the Pink Penguala available. How adorable is that little face? Hatchimals are live inside their eggs and will surprise your kiddo when they hatch on their own (or don't, according to some reviews). Then the kids have to raise their Hatchimal and teach it to walk, talk, dance and play games.

Amazon.ca throws in free shipping and handling on orders over $35.


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  • Michelle S.

    Garbage not worth the money

    • Melissa H.

      I got one just now for $39 CAN

      • Penny M.

        Not worth it kids play with it for an hour after it hatches and never see it again.

        • Rhonda S.

          Not in my house, this thing is well loved

          • Penny M.

            Rhonda Stojke all mine Including grand kids and friends

          • Amanda R.

            Lmfao ppl paid up to like 200 for this dumb toy and now look how cheap

            • Victoria M.

              There are still the "pink" ones for $36